A father's first responsibility is to his family.

DadsFirst is committed to advancing true fathering and fatherhood in every community. Our commitment stems from knowing fully that when a positive father figure is present and engaged in the life of a child, the foundations of our society are stronger and our communities are more secure and productive.

We believe that our society must support the capacity of fathers to raise their children and to stay actively engaged with them. We dedicate ourselves to equipping fathers to become loving models of commitment who help develop and support their children socially, mentally and spiritually throughout their children’s lives and who will continually seek to build up their children’s sense of self-esteem, worth and value.

We are committed to programs that will improve a father’s parenting, financial and social skills, including those that help fathers become a strong, spiritual servant leader for the family, navigate governmental child-support systems and maintain healthy marriages and interactions with moms.

Please take a moment to look over our programs, classes and ways to partner with us to build strong, healthy relationships between fathers and their families, both in your community and around the world.

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